Consulting for Companies from the Academy of Mathematics

Mathematics Consulting for Companies


Your employees constantly encounter mathematical challenges. Whether as a technician, natural scientist, engineer or sociologist – there are many mathematical hurdles. But maybe you just need an external view (confidential, of course) from the outside on your ideas and projects?

As a neutral, external partner, we support you in all mathematical problems and questions and their implementation. Individually, because each customer has different needs. However, we always give new impetus through our many years of experience in a wide range of industries. Because to see clearly, a change of direction of view is often enough. Just think of us as an independent sparring partner for your success.

Coming together means a start. Staying together is progress. And working together means success.

Henry Ford

Overview of your benefits


You get new impulses for your company


They are supported in the development and implementation of strategies


You have a neutral, external partner


You benefit from our experience in a wide range of industries


You will shine!


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