The support for highly gifted students of the Academy of Mathematics

Support for gifted pupils


What happens if you put an average gifted child in a school class with the mentally disabled? Right – it’s going to go down mercilessly. But something similar happens to a highly gifted child, in a class of normally gifted students: Lack of challenge, boredom, bad grades and the constant feeling of being „different“ are the consequence. And teachers are mostly unable to respond to such special cases. This is exactly what our support for highly gifted pupils is for.

Kai Bollmann knows this all too well. Stamped as a classic school failure, his skills were only recognized late in his life. Today he coaches gifted people and pushes them to their limits and beyond. He shows them how to constantly remotivate themselves and see their extraordinary skills as a blessing, not a curse.

To see clearly, a change of direction of view is often sufficient.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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You get to know your mental limits


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